Sandwich Massage

There are many kinds of massage or massage therapies out there. There’s Swedish massage, Thai massage, and Full body massage. They are the most popular. But have you ever heard of Sandwich massage? Probably not, because it’s not a very common form of massage therapy.

No, it does not involve putting sandwiches on top of your body, nor placing ham, bacon, and lettuce all over you, nor stuffing your mouth with sandwich while the masseuse massages your body. In other words, it does not have anything to do with sandwiches, or at least the edible kind of sandwich. It is as the name suggests – it involves the “sandwiching” of the client by two massage providers or therapists.

Usually, these two massage therapists are females. They massage the client’s front and back simultaneously. This is a very unusual form of massage because typically a massage is performed by a single masseuse only, and she often only uses her hands, arms, or elbows. In a Sandwich massage, the masseuse does not restrict herself to using her hands or elbows – she also uses her body. When two massage therapists provide massage services at the same time, the client literally is “sandwiched” between them.

As mentioned, Sandwich massages are very rare. But they are sometimes practiced in some parts of India, in particular in the city, Navi mumbai. Iconic Spa and Massage is a popular destination for Sandwich massages in Navi Mumbai

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